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Cialis Application:

ED, Erectile Dysfunction, Erection, Impotence

Cialis Generic names:

Tadalafil, generic cialis

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What is Generic Cialis?

Generic Cialis is effective medication oriented on erectile dysfunction treatment. According to statistics, about one hundred and fifty millions of men are forced to seek means to fight erectile dysfunction. Modern experts advise to deal with this problem by means of appropriate drugs. Among the best medications Cialis Canadian Pharmacy is applied. This is drug that restores and stimulates natural functions performing without failure. With pharmaceutical market introduction, many men get a chance for a normal personal and sexual life. This drug has already earned trust of men in the Old World, New Zealand and most of Australia.

Cialis online course is associated with certain features. It is enough for a man to take right dose of Cialis in afternoon and check it in practice only by the night. This is a new means gaining great reputation. Canada Cialis generic underwent about six dozen scientific experiments conducted in vivo clinical settings, with participation of more than four thousand people. Studies have shown that eighty-one percent of participants experienced Cialis positive effects. For more to read about Canadian Pharmacy Cialis

Cialis Generics

Cialis generic name is Tadalafil.

The most frequent names of generic Cialis:

  • Tadalafil Tablets 20;
  • Tadadel 20;
  • TadaForce-20;
  • TadaJoy-20;
  • TadaRise-20.

Tadalafil works faster than Viagra, though it is Viagra analog (tadalafil is a derivative of sildenafil, but sildenafil and tadalafil are forbidden to combine), notable advantage is that Cialis effect lasts up to 36 hours. It gives a clear advantage, and a half day, at any time to have sex, not waiting for the next portion of drug.

Tadalafil Indications

My Canadian Pharmacy recommends to start taking half of the pill. It is better to remind that Tadalafil safe daily dose should exceed 20 mg, or 1 whole pill. If you follow this recommendation, negative feelings and side effects should not arise.

Pay attention: when taking generic Cialis, you can not use nitrates. Also, if you have recently had heart attack, then it is recommended to withdraw Cialis. And you’d better to inform your doctor about this occasion. Read more about Cialis generics

Cialis Dosage

Cialis daily dosage is 20 mg. The higher sexual activity is, the higher dosage is. Thus, in sexual lives of more than 2 times a week, frequency of Cialis application should be 5 mg 1 time / day. The method of administration – orally. Cialis should be taken at one and the same time, it is not associated with food intake. Cialis daily dose parameters can be decreased up to 2.5 mg what is greatly influenced by individual tolerability to drug components and associated factors.

The lower sexual activity, the smaller the dose should be. Thus, having 2 sexual intercourses during a week, it is enough 20 mg, choosing the time closer to sexual activity. Daily recommended dose is 20 mg.

Cialis Overdose

Cialis overdose is recognized by expressed symptoms. Ideally, tadalafil for healthy people is permitted in a dose of 500 mg. In fact, in case of pronounced erectile dysfunction, Cialis reception can be repeated up to 100 mg / day. The pathogenesis has great similarity with small dose – that is, it will be similar in both cases.

In case of overdose, there is a need in-patient treatment. It is recommended to carry out symptomatical treatment. If there is hemodialysis – Canadian Pharmacy Cialis is practically not excreted. More details about Cialis dosage and overdose are given here.

Cialis Side Effects

Cialis side effects, are usually of minor or moderate in severity, transient and diminished with continued drug’s use.

The most frequently Cialis side effects:

  • headache (11%);
  • dyspepsia (7%).

Side effects are usually mild to moderate in severity, transient and decreases with continued dosing.

Possible side effects are:

  • back pain;
  • myalgia;
  • nasal congestion;
  • flushing.

Rare side effects are:

  • swelling of eyelids;
  • eye pain;
  • conjunctival hyperemia;
  • dizziness.


Cialis Contraindications

Generic Cialis contraindications are:

  1. concomitant use of drugs containing any organic nitrates;
  2. childhood and adolescence to 18 years;
  3. established hypersensitivity to tadalafil or other Cialis components.


Cialis Interactions

Cialis interactions with other drugs should be considered on basis of its active ingredient. Recall, that it is tadalafil. Cialis safety issues concerning compatibility with a number of other effective treatment options were not investigated. This kind use of combinations is not recommended.

Cialis online is not able to potentiate increase in bleeding time, cause of which – impact of acetylsalicylic acid application.

Active ingredient results in increased hypotensive nitrates intensity. The effect is achieved due to additive effect of nitrates and tadalafil on such a process peculiar to body in such circumstances, as metabolism of nitrogen oxide, as well as – cGMP. It means that Cialis is not prescribed concurrently with nitrates. Tadalafil and medications based on it are valued because it can not produce negative impact on a number of clinically effective drugs.

Tadalafil and its derivatives are not taken to change metabolism, but it is harmful to those who suffers from a lack of activity in drugs clearance, as in this case metabolism is impossible without particular element participation – cytochrome P450. In practice, it is proved that drug does not pass inhibition and induces a large number of isoenzymes – CYP1A2, CYP2C9, CYP2C19. Read on about Cialis Interactions with Other Drugs

Cialis Interactions with Alcohol

It is reported that it was conducted a series of laboratory studies relating to Cialis interaction with alcohol.

When following alcohol dosage, it does not alter \concentration of Cialis active compound (tadalafil) in blood, at least during the first hours after admission. It is not detected additional side effects. Cialis does not affect alcohol concentration in blood, it has no effect on blood pressure and heart rate.

That is, to put it simply, if you rely on pharmacologist’s research, it can be concluded that Cialis and alcohol do not interact with each other, and therefore fully compatible.

However, it should be remembered that when serious heart disease and chronic kidney disease are present, combination of alcoholic beverages in large quantities with Cialis can be dangerous. This danger is not so much related to drug chemical action as a combination of high alcohol sexual activity in these diseases.

Cialis: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cialis is quite potent drug. Its side effects are minimal. If it happens, you have to wait quite a bit – and they will disappear. We list below possible side effects.

Market obtains more than one drug, which purpose – erectile dysfunction treatment Among the most promising and proven performance – Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. Each of them has its own advantages and features. Read all the points of Cialis advantages here.

Cialis – History of Creation

The goal of Cialis developers was to create drug that really helps in a fairly intimate problem. It has to fight the so-called erectile dysfunction, which is primarily designated as impotence. Cialis should be prescribed by doctor but you may buy Cialis via My Canadian Pharmacy online.

The maximum dose of Cialis is time-dependent. Daily dose of Cialis is 20 ml, and this is enough to produce effect during 36 hours. Among obvious contraindications are people suffering from allergy and heart diseases. Any disease of circulatory system can lead to tragic consequences. And if patient suffered a heart attack – it is not worth risking and taking Cialis for a few months.

Cialis Reviews

Mike, 30
5 5 1
Well, I, like the most frequent buyer of these magic pills, will speak first: Cialis without a doubt produces much milder effect of Viagra, etc. Its effect is barely noticeable. It will not be any effect at work and in public transport. However, as soon as your significant other touches you, and then you feel hidden drug power. "Erection by order", and just unroof from desire for sex! You are able to spend two days in bed. A huge plus for me - no side effects, no nasal congestion or headache. The real thing for real men!
Dan, 27
5 5 1
I have long wanted to diversify intimate life, read Cialis reviews and decided to take Cialis, took 1 tablet 3 hours before sex, effect is felt immediately, erection was excellent, with a break after a couple of hours sex was again and erection was even better! Action was enough for the whole weekend. My wife and I were satisfied, try the next time half of a pill, Cialis is best suited to me.
Henry, 43
4 5 1
My Canadian Pharmacy Service - 5. Price - 5 (that is, less than expected and than many other options). Quality - 5. The action is very soft, that is, I do not feel any side effects, no fever, no sudden heat flushing on face, no headache (as it was the case of branded Levitra). Cialis effect lasted two days and nearly day felt increased sensitivity. That is not erection lasted two days, namely readiness. Of course I could all time to be engage in normal activities. I am 43 years old, keep a healthy lifestyle, but such feelings are not felt even in my youth.
Evan, 32
5 5 1
I like Cialis the most. Prior to that, I tried Viagra, it is appeared a little face redness (probably due to the fact that pressure is slightly increased). Levitra provoked also redness and little dizziness, but perhaps it was effect of the wine;). In general, Cialis performs more smoothly and continuously, and erection is stronger and I am more confident! I like that I can have sex not for several hours, but a half-day!