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This category announces about new medications sold online.

New Dosages Available at My Canadian Pharmacy!

Good news! My Canadian Pharmacy is glad to announce we have new dosages available for you! The intensified effect of the drug due to increased dosage will easily cope with your asthma and ED problems! The reduced dosage is a good solution too! Now you will not have to break the

Assortment Renewal: Levitra 100 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy presents you Levitra drug, available in 100 mg dosage again. In mechanism of action Canadian Pharmacy Levitra 100 mg is almost identical to famous Viagra, while it differs in higher efficiency and less restrictions for reception. If

Assortment Renewal: Viagra Professional 50 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Professional 50 mg is an advanced product based on sildenafil for erectile dysfunction treatment. It proved itself in ED treatment of psychological type. Each pill contains 50 mg of sildenafil, which is the optimal dose for any man. Canadian Viagra Professional 50

Assortment Renewal: Synthroid 150 mcg

My Canadian Pharmacy offers you a new drugs in its assortment – Synthroid 150 mcg. This drug is one of the most used preparations of thyroid hormones in clinical practice. Canadian Pharmacy Synthroid 150 mcg is a laevogyratory synthetic thyroxine isomer,

Renewal of Canadian Pharmacy Assortment: Topamax 240 pills/100 mg, 180 pills/150 mg, 180 pills/25 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy announces assortment renewal! Canadian Topamax in new packages of 240 pills/100 mg, 180 pills/50 mg and 180 pills/25 mg. Buy Topamax in necessary amount online right now at favourable terms. Never ever was this drug sold at such an attractive price! Canadian Pharmacy Topamax is an antiepileptic

Assortment Renewal: Clonidine 240 pills

Assortment renewal in My Canadian Pharmacy – Clonidine 240 pills/0,1 mg patch! Now you may obtain even more product at incredibly low price. Order Clonidine 240 pills pack online right now and get opportunity to safe money without losing drug quality! My Canadian Pharmacy Clonidine is

Renewal of Assortment: Aceclofenac 180 pills/100 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy presents a new enlarged pack of Aceclofenac 180 pills/100 mg. Purchaising this pack instead of 90 pills/100 mg you make the most beneficial deal ever. We offer you a larger amount of product for considerably lower price. My Canadian Pharmacy Aceclofenac is a

My Canadian Pharmacy Decreases Price for Viagra Professional

My Canadian Pharmacy announces Viagra Professional becomes more affordable and attractive at price. Price is declined to make Viagra Professional available for all men worldwide.

Price on Levitra Goes Down

My Canadian Pharmacy makes up its mind to decrease the price on Levitra. Levitra is available now at price more attractive in comparison with the previous one. Order this medication and start a new sexual life.

Meldonium – My Canadian Pharmacy New Preparation


After the unfavourable news and reports about Meldonium appear My Canadian Pharmacy has not been terrified to add this preparation in the assortment. This preparation has gained a reputation of effective preparation and it doesn’t mean that it becomes ineffective because of scandal around sportsmen taking it as a doping.