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This category demonstrates number of articles devoted to male erectile dysfunction.

Problems with Sex in Modern Society

Hyperlibidinousness People conventionally are divided into 3 categories according to their sexual constitution: weak sexual constitution. Characteristic of men with narrow shoulders, wide hips, breast growth. Women – painful menstruations, narrow shoulders, as well as hips. Need for sex in this group is small; moderate sexual constitution. As for

Obesity Influence on General Health and Erectile Function

Why do men after 35 years begin to uncontrollably gain weight? The answer to this question was found already in 1990s by University of Iowa scientists (USA) and they created method of treatment, known as anti-age-medicine. When obesity causes at men aged 35 – 50 years old are not in

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Most men with diabetes of 1 or 2 type have problems with potency. Researchers suggest that diabetes increases erectile dysfunction risk 3-fold compared to men of the same age who have normal blood sugar level. In this article, My Canadian Pharmacy will tell about effective measures

Female Impotence: How does It Show?

Sexual disorders are specific not only of stronger sex, but also of women. However, many doctors believe that impotence at women is a sexist term that puts blame on woman herself, but not on her social and cultural environment, emotional distress or health state. But

My Canadian Pharmacy: Erectile Dysfunction Means of Treatment

Among many male sexual problems that can occur, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common. It can appear as early as 30-40 years old. However, this term, in recent years, is rarely used in international medical literature. For a long time it was of reprehensible character and was not

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra: Cons and Pros

Scientists tried to create a new drug for increasing blood flow to cardiac muscle and decreasing arterial pressure. However, it did not meet their expectations. But it was noted that the drug provided significant blood flow to male genitals, and as a result, improved erection. This drug was named «Viagra».

Increase Erection with Simple Tips

A firm, long erection is considered to be a symbol of a man’s sexuality. Normally a man can get an erection with a sexual stimulation, but sometimes this natural phenomenon gets affected owing to various reasons. These reasons may be physiological as well as psychological. The changing lifestyles and the

Connection between Prostate and ED

Erectile Dysfunction or which is often referred to as impotence, is the inability to get an erection or maintain it for a satisfactory sexual act. ED is not an uncommon problem and the studies show that around 110 million men are facing erection issues. There is no particular cause for

Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

With the changing lifestyles and other factors, we have become venerable to many major and minor health issues and erectile dysfunction is one of them. ED is known to be a situation when a man feels unable to achieve or maintain an erection hard enough for having a satisfying sexual

Cialis Soft Tabs vs. Cialis: What is the Difference?

Erectile Dysfunction is quite a common health issue being experienced by men all over the world. There may be various reasons for this growing problem; stress, health issues, hectic lifestyle are just to name a few. Though ED is a big issue which may not only affect your health but