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My Canadian Pharmacy - Confidentiality Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy is dedicated to making its service a safe and comfortable experience for all visitors. Our aim is to enable customers obtain necessary medications to improve their health no matter what their disorder is. We do everything we can to respect our clients anonymity.


We believe our clients deserve best service in any aspect. It’s a well known fact, that many people worldwide nowadays suffer from quite delicate problems they don’t want to share with strange people, sometimes even with doctors or pharmacists.

Our online pharmacy found a way to solve this problem. We organize our Confidentiality policy so that all our customer remain absolutely anonymous.

  • We understand your natural desire for anonymity, that’s why all your orders are processed by your personal assistant only.
  • All parcels are packed in opaque material which cannot be seen-through, with no sighs and notes giving idea its content, and there is no way to reveal what is hidden inside.
  • We do not declare what is send in the package, so post office employees will not know what is inside your package.
  • We can mark your order with «hold for pick up» note, so no notification will be delivered to you home. You can receive your parcel at the post office at convenient for you time.

We are gained our reputation of high-quality service and our customers are always satisfied with each order. We appreciate feedback you may leave on our «Testimonials» page. During almost 17 years of performance we earned and proved reputation of trustworthy and reliable pharmaceutical service.

Levitra and Alcohol

Levitra and alcohol in the amount of 200 g. do not interact – that is what researches have shown. Numerous positive reviews also confirm this fact. However, large doses of alcohol should be avoided when combined with Canadian Pharmacy Levitra. Effects of Alcohol on Male

Pink Female Viagra Generics

Generic Female Viagra is very popular among women because now not only men are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives associated with insufficient potency. Problems arise among female population due to low sexual desire or even its absence. These problems are related to many factors, which influenced woman’s sexual life.

Cialis Interactions with Other Drugs

Cialis interactions should be considered from two points of view: Cialis interactions with other drugs and how other drugs influence Canadian Pharmacy Cialis. Let’s grapple with this question with My Canadian Pharmacy online: Influence of Other Drugs on Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) Tadalafil (Cialis

Ventolin during Pregnancy

Ventolin may be prescribed during pregnancy in case only if risk to mother and child’s health does not outweigh the risk of developing pathology. Generic Ventolin inhaler is known as selective inhibitor that is used for asthma attack relief. My Canadian Pharmacy will help

Advair Diskus Contraindications

The absolute Advair Diskus Contraindications are: Hypersensitivity to Advair Diskus active substances (Fluticasone / Salmeterol); Children under the age of 4. Use Canadian Advair Diskus with Caution: As Advair medication containing corticosteroids, Advair Diskus should be used with caution in patients with acute or latent

Cialis Professional Dosage and Instructions for Use

Cialis Professional dosage and instructions for use are compulsory to follow, otherwise the drug may be inefficient or even do harm to the organism. Cialis Professional Dosage My Canadian Pharmacy has two Cialis Professional available dosages: Cialis Professional 20 mg; Cialis Professional 40 mg. The