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What is Canadian Pharmacy Levitra?

Levitra (Vardenafil) an oral medication used to treat male sexual impotence. Canadian Pharmacy Levitra is one of the most effective drugs intended for the treatment of ED. Levitra dosage form: film-coated tablets. Levitra Composition The main ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. Vardenafil is responsible for active blood supply to the penis, increasing erection and controlling ejaculation. In moderate amounts and in the absence of individual intolerance, Levitra

What is Cialis Professional?

Cialis Professional is the drug, which has a stronger formula than regular Cialis, which enables help various erectile disorders (this is the main difference between Cialis and Cialis Professional). The new formula of the drug from My Canadian Pharmacy allows to obtain a faster and more effective result in a short period of time. Cialis Professional is considered the most effective tool to fight the

Pink Female Viagra – History of Creation

Female Viagra – How Was Created?

Sildenafil, which is a basic active component of female Viagra refers to medical group “Preparations for erectile dysfunction treatment.” Pink Female Viagra was originally designed to:

  • increase blood flow in myocardium;
  • prevention of angina;
  • prevention of cardiac ischemia.

Conducted in 1992 clinical trials by American firm «Pfizer» showed that Viagra – classical and female one – produces no effect on cardiovascular system but has direct positive influence on blood flow increase on genitalia improving erection and sensitivity. Initially, studies were carried out on men as well as on women showing the same positive results.Pink Female Viagra

This assumption was based on fact that formation of male genitalis or female vagina occurs from one group of cells. Consequently, female body reaction by sildenafil should be similar to reaction, which manifests itself in men. Clinical studies have confirmed this assumption and demonstrated that after taking Canadian Pharmacy Viagra in women increases volume of blood flow flowing to clitoris and small labia, as a result Bartholin glands begin to actively produce lubrication for vagina.

Scientific substantiation of theory about Viagra influence (sildenafil), contained nitrogen dioxide in it, on sexual desire, was given by Dr. Ronald James Thompson. He did this statement after Nobel Prize in Science was awarded to three scientists – Robert F. Furchgott, Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad in 1998, for discovery of nitrogen dioxide effect on human body. Dr. Thompson conducted clinical trials in terms of medicines and for prevention of cancer and gynecological diseases. Finalizing pharmacological sildenafil formula in view of female body adaptation, he spent six years in a clinical trial of a new drug, Thompson finally got female Viagra. And finally female Viagra is available on My Canadian Pharmacy – online store directed to improve your sexual life.

Ventolin Dosage and Administration

Ventolin Dosage

My Canadian Pharmacy Ventolin inhaler is administrated in form of inhalation. Increased demand for use of agonists beta2-adrenergic receptors may be a symptom of asthma exacerbation. In such a situation you may require re-evaluation of scheme of patient treatment with the consideration of simultaneous GCS therapy advisability.

Since Ventolin overdose may be accompanied by development of adverse events, dose or multiplicity of drug may be increased only on doctor’s recommendation.

Canadian Pharmacy Ventolin effect duration in most patients is up to 6 hours.

Patients who experience difficulty in synchronizing inhalation with aerosol inhaler under pressure, can use spacer.

In children and infants receiving Ventolin inhaler, it is advisable to use pediatric spacer device with a face mask.

For relief of bronchospasm (asthma) attack:

  • recommended dose for adults is 100 or 200 mcg; children – 100 mg, dose may be increased up to 200 mg if necessary.
  • it is not recommended to use generic Ventolin inhaler more than 4 times a day. The need for frequent use of the maximum Ventolin dose or a sudden increase in dose indicates asthma exacerbation.Ventolin Dosage

To prevent asthma and bronchospasm attacks associated with allergen exposure or physical overloading:

  • adults Ventolin dose- 200 mg 10-15 minutes before exposure to a provoking factor or load;
  • children100 micrograms 10-15 minutes before exposure to the inciting factor, or load, as appropriate dose may be increased up to 200 micrograms.

With long-term maintenance Ventolin treatment of adults:

  • up to 200 mg 4 times daily;
  • children – up to 200 mg four times a day.

Ventolin Administration

Terms of Ventolin Inhaler Use

Inhaler Examination

Before the first inhaler use, or if inhaler is not used for longer than a week, remove cap from mouthpiece, slightly squeezed cap, shake Ventolin inhaler well, produce two air spraying in order to ensure inhaler order.

How to Use Inhaler?

  • remove cap from mouthpiece, gently squeezing cap on both sides.
  • inspect mouthpiece inside and outside to make sure it was clean.
  • shake Ventolin.
  • hold inhaler between pointer and thumb in a vertical bottom-up position, in this time thumb should be placed on mouthpiece basis.
  • make a slow deep breath, grasping mouthpiece with lips, not clenching teeth.
  • make the most deep breath through your mouth, at the same time pressing on upper part of inhaler to release one dose of inhaled Ventolin.
  • hold your breath for a few seconds, take mouthpiece out of mouth, then slowly exhale.
  • for the second dose, holding inhaler in a vertical position, wait 30 seconds and then repeat this procedure up to 7 times.
  • tightly close mouthpiece protective cap.

Performing step 5, 6 and 7, you should not rush. You should begin to breathe as slowly as possible just before pressing Ventolin inhaler gate. In the first few times it is recommended to practice in front of mirror –  My Canadian Pharmacy points out.

If you see “mist” coming from the top of inhaler or from the corners of mouth, it is necessary to start again from step 2.

If your doctor has given other instructions on inhaler use, the patient should strictly follow them. If patients have difficulty using inhaler, he should consult a doctor.

Inhaler Cleaning

Inhaler should be cleaned at least 1 time per week:

  • remove metal canister from plastic casing;
  • remove mouthpiece lid;
  • rinse plastic case and mouthpiece cover under warm running water;
  • dry plastic case and mouthpiece cover fully both outside and inside;
  • avoid overheating;
  • put a metal canister in a plastic casing and put on lid of mouthpiece
  • do not immerse metal canister into water.

Ventolin Nebules

Apply as inhalation. Ventolin Nebules Canada is not intended for injection. Nebula drug -Ventolin should be used under supervision of professionals with a special inhaler (nebulizer) and a mask, a T-shaped tube or endotracheal tube. If the risk of hypoxia due to hypoventilation, inhaled air may be oxygen enriched.

Ventolin Nebules for use in undiluted form, but if prolonged administration of salbutamol solution (over 10 minutes) is necessary, Ventolin may be diluted with sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution. The solution remaining unused in chamber after inhalation should be poured out.

Since many nebulizers are available when using with constant air flow, it is possible that drug is sprayed into environment. With this in mind, Ventolin Nebules should be used in well ventilated areas; this recommendation should be followed strictly especially in hospitals where nebulizers can be simultaneously used by several patients.

Adults and children over 1.5 years average starting Ventolin dose administered by inhalation using a nebulizer, is 2.5 mg, but it may be increased up to 5 mg. Inhalations may be repeated 4 times per day. For severe airway obstruction treatment, adult patients can use drug in higher doses – 40 mg per day – under strict medical supervision in a hospital.

Ventolin Inhaler Overdose

Symptoms of excessive use of Ventolin are the following:

  • blood pressure decrease,
  • tachycardia appearance,
  • muscular tremor manifestations,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • hypokalemia.

Start to treat Ventolin overdose with its discontinuation and subsequent appointment of symptomatic therapy.

Advair Diskus and Alcohol

Advair Diskus and AlcoholAdvair Diskus and alcohol – compatible or not? This question worries many patients. Alcoholic beverages are contraindicated in many chronic diseases, including asthma, as alcohol is a potential toxin. Ethanol contained in alcohol poisons the body and provokes inflammation.

Advair Diskus and alcohol is not a dangerous combination but asthma and alcohol is a detrimental tandem. Alcohol can provoke an asthma attack and aggravate the disease. Also, alcohol in incompatible with some medicines an asthmatic takes. Bronchial asthma is a complex disease that can be fatal is uncontrolled.

Effects of Alcohol on Advair Diskus and Asthma: My Canadian Pharmacy Review

Alcohol is a provocateur of many diseases. Ethanol reduced the defenses of the immune system, causes problems with the liver and digestive tract. Alcohol excessive consumption can not only provoke a relapse of chronic diseases, but also become a fertile soil for new diseases development. Bronchial asthma requires a careful attention to health. Usual SARS can cause complication in the bronchi and increase inflammation. The weakened the immune system is the first reason not to drink alcohol during asthma.

Ethanol as the substance has no impact on Canadian Advair Diskus, but it is absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. The blood becomes thicker, and this increases the risk of blood clots. Deformed, narrow receptacles are not able to saturate the lungs with the required amount of oxygen and this fact impairs the situation. There is a lack of oxygen and increased risk of an asthma attack. It’s impossible to identify a safe amount of alcohol, because the body mechanisms and reactions of asthmatics are individual and completely different.

The Consequences of Alcohol Consumption:

  • alcoholRelapse of chronic asthma;
  • risk of allergic reactions;
  • asthma attack;
  • reaction to medications (in rare case may interact with generic Advair from Canada (namely its active substances Fluticasone and Salmeterol);
  • the general state deterioration;
  • subsequent complications.

Do not forget about the medicines that are taken for treatment and alleviation of asthmatic condition. Usually patients use hormonal drugs, which are not compatible with alcohol. The consequences of alcohol consumption can be mild allergic reactions and even asthma death.

My Canadian Pharmacy reminds you:

  • The clinical picture of the asthmatic state is individual;
  • Only a doctor can give recommendations on alcohol and Advair Diskus interactions;
  • Recipes with alcohol may cause an exacerbation of asthma, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) is an exact copy of the original drug, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is identical to the original tablets in all characteristics and composition, but generic Levitra cost is more affordable. The long practice of using generic products proved its high efficiency, fully corresponding to the branded drug. Canadian Pharmacy Levitra has gained considerable popularity among men all

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis Dosage

Cialis Dosage Daily Cialis Dosage is 20 mg. But My Canadian Pharmacy recommends men to consult a doctor to determine exact Generic Cialis online dosage suitable for your exact case. Cialis is designed for oral administration. For patients with frequent sexual activity (more than two times per week), it is recommended 5 mg Cialis daily dose, once a day, in one and the same time,

Levitra vs Viagra

Levitra and Viagra act on the male body almost the sameway and both have similar side effects. Canadian Pharmacy Levitra can act a little bit faster and better with fatty foods and alcohol beverages. Viagra is used long enough by men all over the world and has proven its efficiency and safety. There were no serious researches comparing a direct impact of Levitra and Viagra

Assortment Renewal – Forxiga (Dapagliflozin)

assortment renewal forxiga

My Canadian Pharmacy is happy to announce that products list has been renewed! Now we can offer our clients one more remedy for diabetes treatment – Forxiga (Dapagliflozin). This new means help to effectively treat diabetes type 2. It lower blood sure level to normal, removing excess sure with urine!

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