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Any drug you may need at any time is always available, we literally never run out. This is possible since we are working with our reliable drug suppliers for over decade, which means excellent products quality, fast delivery to any country of the world and, of course, buyer protection. Our main aim is to make sure every customer is satisfied with everything they were offered and comes back if and when needed.

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My Canadian Pharmacy was created to give people access to high quality low-cost medications, which for thousands of patients means fast and effective relief from their bothersome symptoms.

We are more than just a pharmacy – it’s a place where customers can receive excellent health care products and get proper buyer protection, with all private information protected from unauthorized access. We are experienced drug supplier providing all services you are expecting to get, so with our assistance you can finally safe your time and money without sacrificing good quality.

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My Canadian Pharmacy is proud of high standards and fair policies, which allow bringing best products of pharmaceutical industry straight to our customers. Our pharmacy employs only highly qualified staff acquainted with most recent clinical studies and programs. Our secure shopping atmosphere is, among many reasons, thousands of people worldwide choose us every time they need treatment that would otherwise cost them a fortune and take a long time to get.

Our online pharmacy is a leader in pharmaceutical industry that offers high quality drugs of competitive and fair price. Besides, we believe every customer deserves the fastest delivery service and qualified staff assistance. We cooperate with licensed drug manufacturers that offer low prices and FDA-approved medications of high quality that will help you recover as soon as possible.

Moreover our long-term experience and thousands of satisfied customers across the world can fulfill your highest expectations. If you have any questions, we are glad to answer them on our e-mail: [email protected]!

Dr. Jack Poppins
President and Chief Executive Officer of My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy Most Popular Products

  • Viagra

    Viagra as low as $0.91

    Viagra is an anti-impotence medicine used to help male patients regain their sexual ability when taken as needed, half an hour before having sexual intercourse.

  • Cialis

    Cialis as low as $1.46

    Cialis is a very potent medicine taken by males with erectile dysfunction. This drug helps to achieve harder erections lasting for longer than otherwise.

  • Levitra

    Levitra as low as $1.98
    Levitra is one of the three world-famous and highly efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction. It’s taken 40 to 60 minutes in advance to work best.

  • Viagra Professional

    Viagra Professional as low as $3.22

    Viagra Professional is a remedy taken for male impotence. It’s administered from 20 to 40 minutes before having sex for more durable erections.

  • Propecia

    Propecia as low as $0.55

    Propecia is used for treating male pattern baldness. It helps to restore the growth or hair on the scalp as long as it’s taken every day, at the same time and dose.

  • Pink Female Viagra

    Pink Female Viagra as low as $0.72

    Pink Female Viagra is designed for the needs of women with female sexual arousal disorder that makes it impossible for them to achieve sexual pleasure.

  • Cialis Professional

    Cialis Professional as low as $4.73

    Cialis Professional, most often taken at the dose of 20 mg per administration, is a highly efficient remedy used for treating even severe cases of male impotence.

My Canadian Pharmacy History

1999: A physician – Jack Poppins – met Carl Rose – an IT technologies graduater. They got an idea of creating an online pharmacy that would offer convenience of ordering necessary drugs from one’s home comfort, without any need for prescription list or visiting local pharmacy.

2000: Paul Newman was hired as company’s sales manager, which improved its logistics and gave stimulated wholesale trade, making the pharmacy even more popular among customers.

2001: My Canadian Pharmacy became a fully-licensed drug supplier operating online. The company’s first office was opened, and although it’s still very small, customers could already enjoy excellent service quality.

2002: The company’s turnover increased dramatically by the end of 2001, reaching CAD 90,000. The company since then had more employees, including those working in the support service, which had to deal with a significant number of customers and licensed suppliers.

2003: My Canadian Pharmacy was expanding steadily along with the Internet itself. The turnover reached CAD 500,000 by the end of the year. The first office rented by the company became too small, so the company built its own office with over 2,000 sq feet to accommodate 30 staff members.

2004: The dot-com bubble seriously affected other websites, while My Canadian Pharmacy managed to stay on top because of its professional staff and high standards. The turnover reaches an impressive CAD 2,000,000 and new staff members are employed to fulfill new and regular customers needs.

2005: My Canadian Pharmacy further improved its performance to become more efficient in terms of processing payments and more helpful in terms of sorting out any issues customers may have.

2006: The website became even more efficient and convenient to use. The customers could contact support service by submitting a convenient support ticket and getting answers to even most complicated questions. This improved customers experience making shopping even more enjoyable.

2007: The Pharmacy started to use SSL security protocol to ensure security for every customer placing orders. The website still as efficient as before and offer most convenient and user-friendly shopping for medications no matter where customers reside and what their expectations are.

2008: My Canadian Pharmacy was growing steadily, becoming more appealing to thousands of new customers accessing the website from different countries worldwide. The drug list was expanded by adding about 30 new products and introducing new categories. Since then the customers could treat diabetes, relieve pain and overcome depression easily, paying less than anywhere else.

2009: It’s been a decade since the moment My Canadian Pharmacy opened its doors for thousands of international customers, offering high quality products at reasonable prices. It became a leader among online drug suppliers in Canada and United States, which is confirmed daily by thousands of customers positive feedback.

2010: The Pharmacy keeps adding new services and options for shopping experience to be more satisfactory. The customers are always welcome to submit feedback and let us know what needs to be changed for customer experience to improve.

My Canadian Pharmacy News

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra: Cons and Pros


Scientists tried to create a new drug for increasing blood flow to cardiac muscle and decreasing arterial pressure. However, it did not meet their expectations. But it was noted that the drug provided significant blood flow to male genitals, and as a result, improved erection. This drug was named «Viagra». Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is effective only when man feels natural sexual excitement, and after sexual intercourse penis naturally returns to relaxed state. In other words, Viagra only affects natural erection mechanisms and this explained its undoubtful novelty and huge popularity.

My Canadian Pharmacy Antibiotics for Children Up to One Year


It’s not a secret that powerful antibiotics can help defeat many diseases in short time. We decided to find out whether it is possible to use these drugs for treating children under one year and what parents should remember. Antibiotics for Newborn Children It is important to understand the main thing: antibiotic is not harmless and miraculous pill that can be used with or without reason. Anti-infective drugs are strong medications, many of which can be harmful to newborn children. Self-medication is not acceptable, such medications can be prescribed only

Canadian Pharmacy Ampicillin for Cervicitis Treatment


Gynecologists refer cervicitis – an inflammation which affects uterine cervix – to quite common disease of female genital sphere, because throughout life at least once 50% of women suffer from these disease. Infection appears in uterine cervix, which serves as a protective barrier for infectious microorganisms; inflammation is divided into several stages. In two-thirds of cases the disease occurs during fertile age. Inflammation Causes Based on the fact that the disease is very common, it may be caused by various reasons: vaginal infection or sexually transmitted diseases (clamidiosis, ghonnerhea, trichomoniasis

Treatment of Cistitis at Women with Canadian Pharmacy Cipro


Cystitis is an inflammation of vesical mucous membrane, occurring in acute or chronic form. Cystitis at women is a very common disease, at different times of life cystitis appears at 20-40% of female population of the planet. Men suffer from this disease very rare, which is connected with a number of anatomical and physiological characteristics. Cystitis Causes The determining factor of high incidence of cystitis at women is urinary tract constitution aspects. It is much shorter and wider than at men, which creates a «friendly environment» for ingress of infection

Treating Sinusitis with Canadian Pharmacy Amoxicillin


Sinusitis is an inflammation that occurs in the air cavities in the skull, called sinuses. Usually, inflammation begins in sphenoidal sinus, which is located between eyes. Sinusitis may be caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. If sinusitis symptoms are neglected and not treated, sphenoidal sinus disorder, for example, can cause eye problems, ear infections and even meningitis — brain membranes inflammation. Sinusitis Symptoms The most common sinusitis symptoms are nasal stuffiness, yellow or green mucus in paranasal sinuses and in the back of throat. Common sinusitis symptoms can be accompanied

Will Antibiotics Become Inefficient?


The world is changing rapidly, but quietly. Somewhere in laboratories today familiar facts are being destroyed and new, amazing – discovered. Doctors used to prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics in each second case. And they really have saved thousands of people. However, during several decades bacteria adapted well to these drugs. The discovery of antibiotics (http://my-medstore-canada.net/category/antibiotics) is one of the most important achievements in medicine, it has increased average human’s longevity. Among first antibiotics the most sagnificant for those times were: Penicillin; Tyrothricin; Streptomycin; Laevomycetin; Chlortetracycline; Oxytetracycline; Cycloserine; Erythromycin; Nystatin and others.

Increase Erection with Simple Tips


A firm, long erection is considered to be a symbol of a man’s sexuality. Normally a man can get an erection with a sexual stimulation, but sometimes this natural phenomenon gets affected owing to various reasons. These reasons may be physiological as well as psychological. The changing lifestyles and the higher stress levels are amongst the leaders for the psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. And, when it comes to the physiological reasons, it may include health issues like hypertension, liver and kidney problems, diabetes, enlarged prostate or prostate

Canadian Pharmacy Nexium for Ulcer


Nexium tablets, injections and granules have the most active ingredient named esomerprazole. Esomeprazole is known as the proton pump inhibitor. This ingredient decreases the acid which is formed in the stomach. Nexium is used for: Gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder. Prevention and treating peptic ulcers. Excessive discharge of stomach acid because of tumour or widening of pancreas, known as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. How does the medicine work? Nexium tablets are known as proton pump inhibitor. This is because; proton pumps which are found on cells producing stomach acids are inhibited by esomeprazole and

Zithromax for Ear Infection


Zithromax is also termed as Azithromycin which is commonly prescribed as an antibiotic that helps to fights against bacteria and cure any bacterial diseases and infections such as respiratory infection, skin and ear infections and other sexually transmitted diseases. Zithromax cannot be used for the treatment of the viral infection such as common cold or any type of flu. Warning before Consumption of Zithromax: Never consume Zithromax in case you have suffered from Jaundice or any other liver issues due to consumption of Azithromycin. Moreover, Zithromax should not be consumed

Zoloft Theraputic Application


Zoloft, generic name sertraline is a popular antidepressant drug which is a part of a group of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This medicine affects the unbalanced chemicals that exists in the brain of people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic or other type of symptoms. Zoloft therapeutic dose is generally used to cure panic disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. This drug can also be prescribed for purposes that are not mentioned in this article. Most of the medicines have side-effects and