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Our leading pharmacists Our priority is to do our best for every customer, for them to be fully satisfied with prices, service quality and delivery terms. My Canadian Pharmacy will take care of your health, offering flexible price policy and wide discount system.

Any drug you may need at any time is always available, we literally never run out. This is possible since we are working with our reliable drug suppliers for over decade, which means excellent products quality, fast delivery to any country of the world and, of course, buyer protection. Our main aim is to make sure every customer is satisfied with everything they were offered and comes back if and when needed.

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My Canadian Pharmacy was created to give people access to high quality low-cost medications, which for thousands of patients means fast and effective relief from their bothersome symptoms.

We are more than just a pharmacy – it’s a place where customers can receive excellent health care products and get proper buyer protection, with all private information protected from unauthorized access. We are experienced drug supplier providing all services you are expecting to get, so with our assistance you can finally safe your time and money without sacrificing good quality.

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My Canadian Pharmacy is proud of high standards and fair policies, which allow bringing best products of pharmaceutical industry straight to our customers. Our pharmacy employs only highly qualified staff acquainted with most recent clinical studies and programs. Our secure shopping atmosphere is, among many reasons, thousands of people worldwide choose us every time they need treatment that would otherwise cost them a fortune and take a long time to get.

Our online pharmacy is a leader in pharmaceutical industry that offers high quality drugs of competitive and fair price. Besides, we believe every customer deserves the fastest delivery service and qualified staff assistance. We cooperate with licensed drug manufacturers that offer low prices and FDA-approved medications of high quality that will help you recover as soon as possible.

Moreover our long-term experience and thousands of satisfied customers across the world can fulfill your highest expectations. If you have any questions, we are glad to answer them on our e-mail:!

My Canadian Pharmacy Most Popular Products

  • Viagra

    Viagra as low as $0.91

    Viagra is an anti-impotence medicine used to help male patients regain their sexual ability when taken as needed, half an hour before having sexual intercourse.

  • Cialis

    Cialis as low as $1.46

    Cialis is a very potent medicine taken by males with erectile dysfunction. This drug helps to achieve harder erections lasting for longer than otherwise.

  • Levitra

    Levitra as low as $1.98
    Levitra is one of the three world-famous and highly efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction. It’s taken 40 to 60 minutes in advance to work best.

  • Viagra Professional

    Viagra Professional as low as $3.22

    Viagra Professional is a remedy taken for male impotence. It’s administered from 20 to 40 minutes before having sex for more durable erections.

  • Propecia

    Propecia as low as $0.55

    Propecia is used for treating male pattern baldness. It helps to restore the growth or hair on the scalp as long as it’s taken every day, at the same time and dose.

  • Pink Female Viagra

    Pink Female Viagra as low as $0.72

    Pink Female Viagra is designed for the needs of women with female sexual arousal disorder that makes it impossible for them to achieve sexual pleasure.

  • Cialis Professional

    Cialis Professional as low as $4.73

    Cialis Professional, most often taken at the dose of 20 mg per administration, is a highly efficient remedy used for treating even severe cases of male impotence.

About Generics

Generic is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to original. That is, a drug, having the same active ingredients composition, pharmaceutical form and effectiveness as original drug, but having no patent protection. It may differ from original drug in excipients composition. It is released on the market after expiry of original drug patent protection.

Many of us had never heard of the word «generic», but almost certainly every person once in his life bought generics, and more likely buy them regularly. You may ask, if the two drugs are identical in composition and action, how can price is different by several times? Let’s answer this question by going to some pharmacy, for example, to buy aspirin. Do you see in the window an expensive beautiful box of aspirin with familiar company logo shown on TV? And do you can see inexpensive paper aspirin blister near it, without beautiful package of local production? This is just one of thousands of examples of generic and brand drugs.

Canadian generic medications are not fake, but the same effective, but much cheaper drugs. Low price for these drugs should not frighten you, they are 100% chemical equivalents of widely advertised brand drugs, chemical formula of which demanded large investments by manufacturer-company. Of course, brand drug price is intended for covering these costs.

Generic manufacturers do not bear costs for formula, clinical trials, drug «promotion», but simply copy existing chemical drug formula and can successfully compete with brand price. Contrary to common misbelief, generic drugs are not produced on artisanal or obsolete equipment. Since copies production process follows originals production process, factory-reproducers must have appropriate laboratory and production facilities, which in itself implies compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards.

Offered by My Canadian Pharmacy generics are produced in India, a country that officially meets 4% of demand in only US generics market. Indian generics share in global market is steadily approaching 30%.

Why are Canadian Pharmacy Generics Better?

Generics are cheaper

Canadian generics are much cheaper than original drugs because their manufacturers do not bear capital cost on development, research and promotion of new drugs. Moreover, severe competition from other generic companies also contributes to low prices establishment.

Generics are as effective as brand drugs

Modern high-quality generic drugs have the same quality, efficacy and safety characteristics as originals. 50% of original drugs manufacturers are involved in production of generic drugs. To obtain permission for generic distribution on particular country territory, manufacturer must provide data on bioequivalence of generics regarding brand counterparts. This means that generics must contain the same ingredients and be as effective as original drugs.

Canadian Pharmacy generic drugs manufacturers are investing 6% to 16% of their income into scientific research to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of their products. Since generics are produced in strict accordance with regulations, they are just as safe and effective as original drugs, but more affordable.

Erectile Dysfunction and Methods of its Treatment

General Information

Almost all men at least once in their lives suffered from erectile dysfunction – inability to achieve or maintain stable erection. This is usually a temporary phenomenon, which is caused by alcohol abuse or fear.

However, in some categories of men impotence or male erectile dysfunction (ED) is a permanent chronic disease caused by fear, stress, lack of self-confidence and dissatisfaction.

How erection appears? Under a whole combination of factors influence blood flow is increased and for some time retained in special penile vessels.

It is believed that impotence is mainly psychological problem connected with stress, fear and other psychological problems. However, recent studies have shown that about half of all erectile dysfunction cases have physiological causes, many of which are successfully treated.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Medical impotence reasons include:

  • diabetes complications;
  • reduced blood circulation in small diameter vessels (medical name – «microcirculation disorders»);
  • nerves damage;
  • hormonal problems, such as lack of testosterone;
  • nicotine and alcohol abuse;
  • renal or hepatic diseases;
  • taking certain drugs: sedatives, tranquillizers, diuretics and anti-hypertensive drugs.

Impotence may also occur after surgery on bladder, prostate, lower parts of intestine and spine.

Psychological reasons include stress or recent change of lifestyle. However, it is proved that they cause impotence only in 15% of cases. In addition, often psychological cause of impotence also has physiological basis.

What Doctor Can Do

Whatever the reason, majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction can be cured. Consultations can help patients with psychological problems. Medical and surgical intervention or proper drugs may help to solve many problems.

Only a doctor can determine erectile dysfunction cause and recommend appropriate treatment. You should know that modern medicine offers many methods of solving such touchy problems.

Discovery of such medicines as Canadian Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra) significantly changed lives of many couples. These drugs increase blood flow and contribute to its retention in penis. They are really effective, but patients with cardiovascular diseases should use them with caution. Men, applying nitrates, are not allowed to use the above mentioned drugs.

Hormonal injections directly into penis are also effective, and men can learn to make them themselves. In case of not curable cases, pump-like device is surgically inserted into penis, which allows to literally turn on and off erection at any time.

Many men hesitate to consult doctor about impotence. Having discussed this problem with a doctor, they have every chance to improve or return their sexual life.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

Canadian Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) – are the three drugs for erectile dysfunction, which from pharmaceutical point of view do not differ from each other.

Meanwhile, for promotional purposes each drug manufacturer argue that it is better than others. If earlier, in the first Viagra promotion campaign, elderly senator Bob Dole took part, now heroes of these clips are men no older than forty.

How do They Work?

All three drugs are in the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. This is an enzyme that inhibits penile blood vessels expansion, and thus weakens erection. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Levitra are very similar in structure and properties, and Cialis structure is somewhat different.

But in practice, the main difference between these drugs is that one of them (Levitra) is rapidly absorbed, and the other – Cialis – slowly cleared. That is all PDE-5 blockers effect is exactly the same in essence, but different in time of onset and action duration.

Dr. Jack Poppins
President and Chief Executive Officer of My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy History

1999: A physician – Jack Poppins – met Carl Rose – an IT technologies graduater. They got an idea of creating an online pharmacy that would offer convenience of ordering necessary drugs from one’s home comfort, without any need for prescription list or visiting local pharmacy.

2000: Paul Newman was hired as company’s sales manager, which improved its logistics and gave stimulated wholesale trade, making the pharmacy even more popular among customers.

2001: My Canadian Pharmacy became a fully-licensed drug supplier operating online. The company’s first office was opened, and although it’s still very small, customers could already enjoy excellent service quality.

2002: The company’s turnover increased dramatically by the end of 2001, reaching CAD 90,000. The company since then had more employees, including those working in the support service, which had to deal with a significant number of customers and licensed suppliers.

2003: My Canadian Pharmacy was expanding steadily along with the Internet itself. The turnover reached CAD 500,000 by the end of the year. The first office rented by the company became too small, so the company built its own office with over 2,000 sq feet to accommodate 30 staff members.

2004: The dot-com bubble seriously affected other websites, while My Canadian Pharmacy managed to stay on top because of its professional staff and high standards. The turnover reaches an impressive CAD 2,000,000 and new staff members are employed to fulfill new and regular customers needs.

2005: My Canadian Pharmacy further improved its performance to become more efficient in terms of processing payments and more helpful in terms of sorting out any issues customers may have.

2006: The website became even more efficient and convenient to use. The customers could contact support service by submitting a convenient support ticket and getting answers to even most complicated questions. This improved customers experience making shopping even more enjoyable.

2007: The Pharmacy started to use SSL security protocol to ensure security for every customer placing orders. The website still as efficient as before and offer most convenient and user-friendly shopping for medications no matter where customers reside and what their expectations are.

2008: My Canadian Pharmacy was growing steadily, becoming more appealing to thousands of new customers accessing the website from different countries worldwide. The drug list was expanded by adding about 30 new products and introducing new categories. Since then the customers could treat diabetes, relieve pain and overcome depression easily, paying less than anywhere else.

2009: It’s been a decade since the moment My Canadian Pharmacy opened its doors for thousands of international customers, offering high quality products at reasonable prices. It became a leader among online drug suppliers in Canada and United States, which is confirmed daily by thousands of customers positive feedback.

2010: The Pharmacy keeps adding new services and options for shopping experience to be more satisfactory. The customers are always welcome to submit feedback and let us know what needs to be changed for customer experience to improve.

My Canadian Pharmacy News

Problems with Sex in Modern Society


Hyperlibidinousness People conventionally are divided into 3 categories according to their sexual constitution:

  • weak sexual constitution. Characteristic of men with narrow shoulders, wide hips, breast growth. Women – painful menstruations, narrow shoulders, as well as hips. Need for sex in this group is small;
  • moderate sexual constitution. As for body hair coat at men, it is normal, as well as physique. Need for sex occurs several times a week, which means no occurrence of early impotence and frigidity;
  • strong sexual constitution. Attraction at

Erection, Sex, Viagra


Erectile Dysfunction Male sexual health is a complex process which constantly has to be monitored. But due to various problems, stress, lack of vitamins erectile dysfunction may develop. Do not confuse this term with impotence. Because erectile dysfunction is inability to successfully perform sexual intercourse, due to lack of erection or inability to maintain it in elastic state. At the same time, with such a problem, a man becomes infertile, he is not able to bring 100% pleasure to his woman

Asthma Treatment and Alcohol


People suffering from asthma can live normal for most people life. But are asthma and alcohol compatible? It is known that regular attack can be triggered by a variety of factors: infection, overstress, fatigue and so on. Does it include alcohol? Let’s try to find out together with My Canadian Pharmacy (

Dangers of Bronchial Asthma at Children


Asthma at children is considered to be a fairly common disorder that seriously reduces quality of life and can lead to dangerous complications. To cope with this terrible disease, you need to timely consult a doctor.

Facts and Myths about Contraception

Birth control

How to find the best method of contraception? The most important thing is knowledge. The results of study conducted by My Canadian Pharmacy among Internet-users shows that women are still not sufficiently well aware of all the methods.

Canadian Pharmacy Propecia (Finasteride): General Information


Pharmacological group: drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment. Pharmacological action: drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment. Competitive and specific 5-alpha-reductase type II inhibitor – intracellular enzyme that converts testosterone into more active androgen – dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound. Effectively reduces DHT level in blood and in prostate tissue. Systematic (IUPAC) name: N-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-3-oxo-(5alpha, 17beta)-4-aza-androst-1-en-17-carboxylic acid Legal status: available only on prescription (UK, USA) Application: oral Bioavailability: 63% Metabolism: liver Half-life: elderly – 8 hours, adults – 6 hours Clearance: fecal (57%) in urine (39%) as metabolites

Canadian Pharmacy Antibiotics for ARVI


Many people think that there is no sense to appoint antibiotics for ARVI, since it is antibacterial drugs, and do not act on viruses. So why are they still prescribed? Let’s consider this question in details. ARVI is a common aerosol-transmitted infectious disease that also be transmitted by contacts through unwashed hands, objects, things. The name of acute respiratory viral infection speaks for itself: infection is caused by pneumotropic viruses that infect mostly organs of respiratory system.

Canadian Viagra and its Impact on Physical Performance


Viagra Left Bedroom and Went into Locker Rooms A scandal ran high when a bottle of Viagra, disguised as vitamins and hid in the locker, was found at American superstar Roger Clemens. Last year in May, Italian bicycle racer Andrea Molette was suspended from «Giro d’Italia» racing competition after police has found syringes and Viagra in hiding-place in his car. Not surprisingly, that after these incidents tabloid press had opportunity to have fun and declare that legions of baseball players, football players, bodybuilders, as well as representatives of Olympic sports,

History of Antibiotics: New Generations


Antibiotic is a substance having detrimental effect on bacteria. Their origin can be biological or semisynthetic. Antibiotics have saved many lives, so their discovery is of great importance for the whole humanity.

Obesity Influence on General Health and Erectile Function


Why do men after 35 years begin to uncontrollably gain weight? The answer to this question was found already in 1990s by University of Iowa scientists (USA) and they created method of treatment, known as anti-age-medicine. When obesity causes at men aged 35 – 50 years old are not in diet and lack of physical activity, so it is necessary to look for them in endocrine glands functions violations. It may be problems with thyroid gland, sex glands, liver, etc. Often they take place on the background of latent diabetes